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Nursery Dinner

There are two varieties of dinners at our house: Real Dinner when Rob is here, and Nursery Dinner when Rob is on the road. When Rob is here, we always have a proper, balanced (and substantial) meal that includes some sort of meat, or at the very least, a great deal of cheese, plus a vegetable or two and at least one starch. When Rob is not here, we eat things like grilled cheese and cream of tomato soup, “The Sam,” or pasta with butter and cheese.


I have always loved descriptions of “nursery dinners” in a certain kind of British childrens’ book, and I love the idea of curling up in front of the nursery fire with Nanny to have a meal of toast soldiers and coddled eggs on a tray, with a pot of tea or chocolate as an accompaniment. We have no fireplace and no nanny, but we are capable of scaling down to cozy when we don’t require a full-on meat and potatoes affair.


On this particular night, Rob is in Marion, Ohio (where he reports that he ate a hamburger), and Sam and I are in a relaxing valley between the busyness of football practice evenings. There are wild thunderstorms passing through, and it feels very good to be eating bowls of “The Sam” in the living room, watching a movie and throwing an occasional carrot chunk to the dogs while the rain pounds the windows and lightening briefly turns night into day.

No fireplace, no nanny, but still very a very cozy nursery dinner.



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  1. Did I mention it was a very LARGE burger with pepperjack and jalapeno slices? With a side of crispy, breaded, and very hot wings? If I can’t eat at home, at least I try and make it interesting!

  2. You’d never find pepperjack and jalapeno burgers on the nursery dinner menu!!

    And I too love those nights when dad is gone and we can eat what we want — pancakes, or sweet rice, or even Cap’n Crunch.

  3. Rob, you did not, indeed, disclose to me the details of your burger. Sounds good, but extra salad for you when you get home.

    Barbara, a friend of mine works and has a husband who is gone a couple of nights a week, and they ALWAYS have cereal for dinner on those nights. Actually, Cap’n Crunch sounds better to me than the pepperjack jalapeno burger…..

  4. We have a traditional Dad’s away supper: chocolate chip pancakes. In fact when Dad announces he’s going to be away the first thing said is “Chocoate Chip Pancakes!” My poor husband. We really do love him. Chocoholism runs in the family, though….we can’t help it!

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  6. Vicky,
    Chocolate Chip Pancakes are our Morning-After-Sleepover standard, and we love them, too. I’m sure these “dad’s gone” meals don;t mean we don’t love our fathers/husbands; maybe its just that we need a special meal to console us because we miss them so much? Okay, maybe that’s overkill. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Wecome, Jeena. I will be sure to visit your blog!

  7. Like Barbara, I’ve had milk and cereal for dinner when my husband is gone. (I prefer Capn Crunch to the Jalepeno burger too)

    No mess, hardly any clean-up.

    Dare I admit husband GETS cream of tomato soup and grilled cheese for dinner sometimes?

  8. Jolynna, my husband would happily eat cream of tomato soup and grilled cheese for dinner, but if its just Sam and me its just one can of soup and two sandwiches (both of which fit in my pan at the same time), whereas when Daddy is in the picture I have to go into mass production. That makes it seem less nursery and more like, well, real dinner.


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