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Random Dinner Snapshot: Homemade Macaroni and Cheese


Here it is, tonight’s dinner. Its cold outside, I’m busy, and this is in our dinner hall of fame.

I have posted the recipe before, here.  It isn’t sophisticated, it isn’t elegant, and (based on previous experiments) this family will not allow deviations into wild territory like smoked cheese or panko instead of Italian breadcrumbs. Take it, make it your own, and consider it a gift from the depths of my soul.

About imagineannie

I am a 40-something Midwestern wife, mother and lawyer with a passion for cooking, reading about food, eating get the picture.

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  1. ohhh be still my heart (down thighs, down i say!)
    the ultimate comfort food!
    it’s a lovely gift and i thank you for it!

  2. jayedee, I have never seen your thighs, but I think you worry about them way too much. Besides; you have some macaroni, you take a walk, you have a Big Dutch Baby, you take another walk…it all works out in the end.

    I owe you a gift, so I’m glad I could give you one.

  3. I’m hungry now!

  4. That’s good, Eric; unless you have changed a great deal you are one of the three people on earth who can afford to eat this stuff with abandon.


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