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Shortly after I returned from Florida, a comment was posted here by Amy Ephron, who is the publisher of the e-zine “One for the Table,” as well as being a screenwriter and novelist. I have read all of her novels, most recently One Sunday Morning which is an inspiring example of the powers of restraint and subtlety. She is also part of a family of writers who have shaped my world…forever. Her father produced “Carousel” and her parents together created “Desk Set,” her sister Nora wrote the novel Heartburn (a copy of which I wore out during a bad breakup in my youth) and the screenplays for “When Harry Met Sally,” ” Silkwood” and “Sleepless in Seattle,”and her sister Delia wrote (among other things) the screenplay for “You’ve Got Mail” and the book How to Eat Like a Child.

I could not be more surprised if Moses posted a comment and requested that I contribute to revisions of The Ten Commandments. (By the way, my suggestion: thou shalt not snap gum. If gum had been available to Pharaoh, I am certain that a plague of gum-snapping bus riders would have been far more effective than locusts. You can kill locusts with spray). She asked whether I would like to have some of my work appear on “One for the Table,” and actually apologized because they were not in a position to pay contributors.

If you visit “One for the Table,” (and if you don’t, you’re just not paying attention) you will see that, among their contributors are Laraine Newman, Russ Parsons, Amy Sherman and Michael Tucker, the guy who played the adorable little lawyer on “L.A. Law.” You will also see my recent entry on oysters, right there with all of the contributions from Real Writers and Famous People.

I am ecstatic, big-headed and a little giddy. I have always, always been a writer, since I was six or seven and started writing and illustrating little novels. I have always been afraid to say I was “a writer,” because that seemed to imply that I was a latter day Bronte or Dickens. This all makes me feel a little more like maybe I am a writer. Thanks to all of you who read this blog regularly and make me feel like I’m doing something worthwhile. I’m going to celebrate my good fortune with a shot of diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper and some of the Wild Cherry M & Ms that no one else will eat because they’re disgusting….


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  1. Wow! Annie ~ Congratulations!!!! How exciting. I knew I had good taste (pun intended) in what I enjoy reading and most certainly enjoy reading your written words 🙂 junemoon

  2. Annie,
    Congratulatons! That is so fantastic. And of course you are a writer :).

  3. you’re a truly wonderful writer
    and i am so very proud of you

  4. Not only are you a writer…you’re a ROCK STAR. Woot! At least I can say that I KNOW a writer 🙂

  5. Brenda Athanus

    Hi Annie,
    I too just started writing for Amy’s blog this Fall, so I know exactly how you feel.I never thought of myself as a writer but now I can’t stop typing all my stories, it is so freeing!
    Loved your story on oysters, think of all the varieties that you have miss over the years! Hurry up and start eating…On One For The Table in things that “we like” they have a wonderful shellfish company that has a great gift box of 3 different oysters. these as rare varieties and well worth trying. Also try my recipe for safron leek baked oysters, it is a winner. Congratulation and I’ll keep writing if you do!

  6. junemoon, ricki, claudia and greentuna, thanks so much for the nice words. You have all been with me all along, and made me think that I am maybe doing a little more than filling up cyberspace with random thoughts and recipes. If I am ever “discovered” in a way that actually involves money, we will all convene someplace where there are great restaurants, and I will buy you all an amazing dinner and have the pleasure of meeting you (except, of course, for greentuna who I met in the 6th grade).

    Brenda, its nice to share this with someone who knows how it feels. Aren’t you in Maine? I spent most of my summers there, in Eastport up in the Northeastern most part of the state. I will definitely consider buying oysters online, because there just aren’t any in Michigan. I would eat anything baked with saffron and leeks.

  7. Thank you, Mary. I am still not quite believing it myself. Now if I could just make some money doing all this cooking and writing, I’d be in heaven.

  8. If you paint you are an artist, even if you never sell a canvas. If you write you are a writer, even if you never publish a book. But, you are not a chef even if you cook for a living…. unless you are running the kitchen. What’s up with that?

  9. Jai, that’s a fine question. I think it has something to do with things being run by men, historically, in kitchens. I love men dearly, but they do like to impose a hierarchy and make it impossible to be recognized for achievements unless you are “in charge” of something and have rank. I suspect there are many people cooking in professional kitchens who do not get called “Chef,” but are nevertheless doing most of the important work….

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