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And the Winner is…

(In case you have been following this contest to fill a bowl I was recently awarded, this will not interest you in the least). If you are following, or were actually sufficiently courageous to enter, here are the results:

Robert had me at “[t]he cold will make the cool wings sweat and trickle moisture down both the inside and the outside as everything kinda hovers in the base.”

I was intrigued by the trifles, ceeelce’s melons, Diana’s limoncello sorbet, the jello shot the edible flowers…you are all incredibly creative people,


Robert wins. If you would be so kind, Robert, as to send me street address in the next week or so, something edible from Michigan will be on its way to you soon.

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  1. Ann,

    OMG, OMG, OMG. I never win anything. I’m playing the lottery tonight. OMG. Thank you, Thank you.

    Confession of a ‘Clear Glass Fetish’ probably wouldn’t alert the average reader that this type of ‘dishplay’ goes on behind closed doors occasionally. Or just how stimulating cold moist dishware can be. Or how much it…………OK, enough of this, obviously you felt it.

    The most significant part of the contest to me was that you got to play with your award, and share it with us. Good girl, not just for playing nice, but for getting an award for playing nice. It was an honor to help you celebrate the city’s recognition for your effort to make life better for others, for being an activist in a passive society. I think we all won by getting to enter your game.

    I just won the food. Send the food. And I got to fantasize about your full round transparent shiny voluptuous orb-like…… Uh…. sorry.

  2. This Richard is hilarious. Thanks for the laugh today.

  3. um, sorry, meant Robert

  4. LOL, Robert. And goshdarnit, Ann, I only wish I had a recipe for limoncello sorbet, as it would have made my case stronger, but I’m just a poser who ate some in Italy one fabulous time. Oh wait, here: Add 1/2 c. vodka to lemon sorbet mixture, decreasing other liquid in recipe by same volume. Freeze in ice cream maker according to manufacturer directions.

    Thanks for the contest. 🙂

  5. Ann,

    Their making fun of me. Tell them, we hear the piece speaking…. its not really sick. Ann, tell them. Ann? Clear Glass is so not taken seriously. At least you understand…. Ann…..?

  6. Robert, I understand. I only wish I had an extra voluptuous, orb-like bowl that you could, well, enjoy. I would share because I DO understand. I wish I could send you to the Orrefors factory, and the Iittala factory and the Steuben factory….. There is nothing sick about appreciating beauty; it was your ability to make me see the condensation and the ice and the (oh God) oysters that won this thing for you. So, I will say this in a firm and commanding tone: stop mocking Robert. And, in a gentler voice: Robert, if you don’t send your address, I’m giving the food to Eric and Diane….

    Diana, that just might work. See, you actually did have a recipe!

    Eric. I am looking sternly at you over the rim of my glasses.

  7. i am (scorchingly) humbled

  8. Eric, thst is as it should be. I got the Chronicle food section in the mail today, and I am on my way right now to lie down with a glass of iced tea and savour every fishy moment. Thank you SO much for your thoughtfulness!!!!!!!!!

  9. Ann, could you please get Robert to move to our neighborhood? I would nominate you for ANOTHER crystal award if you do that!

  10. Alice, I’ll see what I can do. Since he lives in Florida, the economy is really a non-issue, but he might prefer the climate there…..

  11. Ann,

    Glorious choice. Michiganer Maple Syrup. How did you know. Deepsoutherners only allow Pure cane Syrup to pass our lips, for good reason. We get this stuff down here labled ‘Maple’, but tastes like its made from some kind of gum tree in Missouri.

    I suppose this is the first time I really tasted good Maple syrup, so nice. I see what all the hoopla is about. Thanks for the gift/prize. Its not going to last around here long…….

    The 3rd tablespoon went immediatly into an ounce of White Burly tobacco, should be ready for my ‘reading’ pipe by this weekend.

    The rest went into a very nice tall, but not too slender, older woozy bottle. The glass is quite clear but has that “I’m alittle imperfect because of my past” look about it. Once inside it, the syrup givs it a slightly amber tinge, leaving the slightest of a film of the sweet liquid coating the inside of the throat. Placing it in the refrigerator, (It is already very hot here), I …………
    Uh………nevermind, I’ll email you. Damn! This always happens.

  12. imagineannie


    I’m so glad you like it. It does not resemble “fake” syrup in any way, and that’s a good thing in my book.It is, however a gateway drug; next you’ll be wanting maple sugar candy and snow with syrup on it.

    I am intrigued by the use of maple syrup in tobacco – doesn’t it get sticky?!

    I have to say, you are the only person I have ever “met” who could get soft-core porn out of maple syrup. Its a gift, I think.

  13. Ann,
    I didnt invent ‘casing’ American tobacco, learned it from an old master. Ill never make the really good stuff that he called scraps.

    Mix half-half, syrup with uncut white likker, then mix with good clean Burly tobacco (vintage Prince Albert IAC). Gently warm in a saucpan, spread out on a cookie sheet very thinly. Place in oven and cycle off-warm occasionally with door propped open alittle (redneck dehiderater). Uh, no smoking.

    In 24 hours you can have all of the moisture out and remaining sugars either absorbed or crystalized. Sprinkle with dry tobbacco and scrape all into a container. I toast a small amount of Virginia leaf on the dirty cookie sheet to carmelize and mellow it, mix that in. Got a pretty good burn rate this time. Blend is actually crunchy untill it has time to age alittle. Gets better over the next months. Wont last that long. Room note is of campfire marshmallows.

    Promise I wont use much of the syrup for illicit purposes. I wish you could see the see it right now. Sometime I will loosen the fridge lightbulb and then later at night, go out when everyone is asleep, and check the bottle in the dark. But, I hate having to be quiet………..

  14. Casing, eh. It seems like that particular mixture would smell heavenly. I think you should use the syrup however it makes you happy. Burly tobacco, pancakes, glazing a salmon…its all good.

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