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Pork Chops & Agoraphobia

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Now there’s a catchy title!

First of all, I am actually well enough that I am cooking again, which makes me feel like a human being. Tonight I cooked something that I probably didn’t invent, in fact I’m quite sure I had a version of this (maybe using beef, instead of pork) lodged in my grey matter. It was good, the kid ate it, and its pretty flexible in terms of what you have in your house. Here it is:

Braciola di Maiale Coprire Completamente

  1. 4 boneless pork chops, no more than one inch thick and trimmed of most fat
  2. 2 tablespoons Olive Oil
  3. 3 cloves garlic, smashed
  4. 1-2 shallots, roughly chopped
  5. Fresh Rosemary
  6. Salt and Pepper
  7. 1 jar purchased or homemade Marinara or other meatless sauce
  8. Red wine

-In a large skillet, heat olive oil over medium-low heat. Add garlic and shallots and sautee for about 1 minute

-Add chops, raise heat to medium, and cook until brown on both sides, sprinkling with salt, pepper and Rosemary after the final turn

-Cover chops with sauce, bring to a bubble, reduce heat to low and cover. Simmer until tender, about 30 minutes.

-Remove lid and add about 1/2 cup wine, mixing with the sauce and scraping anything stuck to the bottom of the pan.

-Serve with pasta, polenta or risotto.

Okay; that’s the pork chop part. I know you are curious about the agoraphobia. I am frequently amused by the search terms used to find my blog, and I am always meaning to write them down and write a post about them. (These search terms include “Hmong Baskets,” “Exploding Rice,” “Skeevy Tramps” and “No-Cook Cooking”). Today, checking out my dashboard, I was amused to see that someone had found me using the search term “Pioneer Woman Agoraphobic.” Color me baffled. Although my blogroll includes “The Pioneer Woman Cooks,” I am pretty darned sure that I have never written word one about agoraphobia.

Tomorrow, I’ll be cooking for Cinco de Mayo, and if I find out where my kid put his hoard of AA batteries, I’ll even post a picture.


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I feel like I'm fifteen - does that count? I'm lots of things, I get paid to be the Managing Editor for a local news publication, and I love my job. I am also inordinately fond of reading, animals (I have four), elephants, owls, hedgehogs writing, tramping in the woods, cooking India, Ireland, England, avocado toast, Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, Little Women, Fun Home, Lumber Janes, Fangirl, magic, Neil Gaiman, Jane Austen, YA books, not YA books, classical music, Salinger (OMG SALINGER), Brahms, key lime pie, indie music, podcasts, sleeping in, road trips, marmalade, museums, bookstores, the Oxford comma, BBC, The Miss Fisher Mysteries, birdwatching, seashells, kombucha, and stickers. Not a huge fan of chewing gum, jazz, trucker hats or dystopian and/or post-apolcalyptic fiction (but I'll try anything).

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  1. This (“me, agoraphobic?”) from a woman who, when I tried to bring her strawberry jello, ran into the basement and cried “I cannot be seen in this state!”

    I still think you should have eaten the jello out of the Crystal Award bowl.

    The stomach flu is dead! Long live the….no wait, let’s hope it never comes back.

    So glad you’re feeling better. I’m sure your other fans have missed you as much as I have!

  2. Ah, the “running into the basement” incident. That is just something you can’t appreciate unless you were there. We are all glad to have Happy Ann back. And Cooking Ann. And Posting Ann. And Good Cop Ann, Hurry back Bad Cop………..

  3. I can’t come back until I go to Zabar’s. And Ollie’s. And and and. After three days of “food” on Long Island, I need NYC before I go back to the land where pasta is stocked in the “international” aisle.

  4. imagineannie

    Alice, I am speechless. Zabar’s is my spiritual home. (Although Zingerman’s isn’t too shabby). You should also eat at Prune and The Little Owl. Well, and lots of other places. Sigh.

  5. Eric Williams

    I’ll be waiting breathlessly for your Cinco de Mayo post. Dale and I bought a little vacation house in Mazatlan Mexico last year, but as we can’t be there right now for Cinco de Mayo, I will fill my spirit with Mexican festivities with a little help from my dear friend Annie.

    ¡Que le vaya bien!

  6. imagineannie

    Eric, when do I get invited to Mazatlan? I’m not sure I can share any more recipes with you until my invitation is received. I do so love Mexico….

  7. Eric Williams

    We love Mexico, too, everything about it from the wonderful friendly people, to its long and colorful history and the food, the food…I never thought Spanish would be the most important language I’d learn (I was a French snob). Consider this an invitation to Mexico, but you have to visit us first in San Francisco, you PROMISED!

  8. imagineannie

    Eric, you are right. San Francisco first – we have people to see there, and I have to go to that market I’ve ben reading about forever. And see the seals. And eat at Zuni Cafe and Chez Panisse and your oyster place. We’re working on it….


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