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The Worm Has Turned….

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You will no doubt be delighted to know that I am not going to write about cooking, eating or ingesting worms. Rather, I find myself in a situation in which my carefully laid culinary plans have (once again) been turned upside down, and I am shuffling thing to make it all work.

Monday is Memorial Day, and I had planned to contribute Elise’s Three-Bean Baked Beans and my own heirloom icebox cake. Then, as is sometimes the way of things unless one is a card-carrying hermit, we were invited to a neighborhood potluck on Sunday night. this necessitates bagging the icebox cake, because it really has to sit at least overnight in the refrigerator in order for the cookies to become tender and cake-like, and I will now be gone most of the day and most of the evening on Sunday. I could, of course, take the risky path of making the cake first thing Monday morning, but I am scarred by the experience of serving to guests my magnum dessert opus only to find that the cookies have remained totally intact, mutinously refusing to absorb the gentle ministrations of the (hand beaten!) whipped cream with which they have cohabited in the refrigerator.

In addition, the party on Sunday night is at the home of my friend Alice, who is not able to eat dairy of any kind. I have never cooked for Alice, and although she clearly believes that this whole food blogging thing isn’t merely a bluff, I’d like to take something that she can eat without being wretched. As a side benefit, I would like to contribute something that tastes good to her and other party-goers, because otherwise I might just as well pick up a pre-made jello mold (no fake whip) and a bag of really nice jerky treats.

So, the icebox cake has turned into a trifle. I will make white cake (from scratch, of course), whip a lot of whipping cream and sweeten it with  powdered sugar, and layer the cake and whipped cream with blueberries and sliced strawberries. I would ordinarily address the cake layers with a little Grand Marnier or Chambord, but since many of the party-goers will be children, I’ll just go for Pretty and Patriotic as opposed to Possibly Inebriating. Its a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

As for my potluck contribution, I discovered this recipe for Horseradish Spiked Red Potato Salad on Karina’s Kitchen, and it looks delicious. It will not kill the hostess, it sounds spicy and filling, and I will just take a little Xanax to get around the anxiety of taking something to a party which I have never actually cooked before. I hear that Xanax, potato salad and a Mojito will make a person forget anything, although maybe I should be looking for something with Tequila in honor of that worm….


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  1. while i cannot speak for the mojito and potato salad, i can tell you that in another life, a shiner bock and xanax will in fact have you missing your mouth as you try to feed yourself and get your husband to gently feed you himself when he sees you trying to eat the chicken you’ve picked up off the patio floor…..

  2. imagineannie

    I am guessing that in order for you to do that, you had a darned good reason. And how good to have a husband who takes care of you when you are falling apart. Mine would, too.

  3. Icebox cake…. sigh. Have you been reading my grandmother’s recipe cards again?

    Wishing you a wonderful afternoon,

  4. Eric Williams

    How was your Memorial Day weekend activities? Trifle turn out OK? Need your recipe for Garam Masala as I bought a new Indian cookbook this weekend (trying to get more vegetarian dishes in our diet) and I don’t want to buy pre-made G.M. It’s one of the most used ingredients in the cookbook.

  5. And how did the potato salad turn out?

  6. Eric Williams

    No pressure, but I’m having withdrawal symptoms and need a new post soon…..

  7. Lacy, I think everyone’s grandmother had an icebox cake…that’s where mine comes from!

    jayedee, thank you!!!! I am off to Montauk directly to ogle, er, eat at Sam’s restaurant.

    eric, trifle was great; it will be next post. Today, I’m hoping, although my house seems to be full of loud 11-year-old boys. i will send you GS recipe via e-mail.

    katie, I didn’t love it. I ended up adding bacon (since it wasn’t really for a vegan, but for a non-dairy eater) and that helped, but it was very sharp between the vinegar, the onions and the horseradish. I think its probably not going to be seen again.


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