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Life is still a little crazy in these parts, but I am trying valiantly to strike a balance between what’s easy (mainly all things marinated and/or grilled with something fresh and something starchy on the side) and what’s interesting to cook and eat. The Farmers’ Market is just starting to have things that were actually grown here, and I don’t want to miss anything while its in season. Although its always subject to change depending on my whims, and what I find at the market on Saturday morning, here’s what I think we’re eating on Forest Street next week:


Out to Dinner

We’re headed to Crunchy’s, a local burger and pizza place with a great beer selection, popular with college students. Its safe for those of us in our Golden Years during the summer.


Grilled Chicken Breasts with Barbecue Sauce, Rice Pilaf and Roasted Carrots

The roasted carrots are from a “Barefoot Contessa” cook book, and it may just be too hot to run the oven, in which case the carrots (hopefully the same small, sweet local variety I found at the market last week) will be grilled, instead.


Leek, Potato and Tarragon Soup and Homemade Bread

If its as cool as its been lately, the soup will be hot and i will actually bake bread. If its Africa Hot, I’ll chill the soup a la Vichyssoise and buy a couple of good baguettes. I am hoping to find leeks, potatoes and tarragon fresh at the market.


Pan Fried Chicken Breasts, Risotto with Vegetables

The chicken breasts will be breaded lightly, and for the risotto I’ll use whatever is fresh and local at the market – zucchini, scallions, green beans…its all good.


Ribs, Coleslaw and Baked Beans

I’ll do the ribs using my slow cook-and-finish-on-the-grill method, and do a partial cheat for the coleslaw by buying the shredded cabbage but making my own dressing. I still haven’t decided if I’m going creamy mayonnaise-y or vinegar-y. The beans will, I confess, be produced mainly through the use of a can opener and the application of direct heat.


Tandoori Chicken Sandwiches, Potato Chips and Strawberries

The chicken recipe comes from “The Bon Apetit Cook Book,” and is new to me. I am still fixated on Indian food, and it seemed like a way to get a little Mumbai into our lives without frightening the horses.


Fettucine with Prosciutto, Peas and Lemon Chive Sauce and Salad

Another recipe from “The Bon Apetit” book, that calls for a number of fresh ingredients I should be able to find at the Farmers’ Market.


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  1. Ann,

    Whew, I go away for a couple of days and you’re posting to beat the band. Good. Felt great here to read several posts, to be the one catching up as a change.

    Pay little attention to the small frowns from captive diners. As long as your not getting BroccoliFace you are doing fine. They would eat Pepperoni for 2 months if you would let them.

    Made the real deal ribs here for the 4th. One of the gals literally went over to the buffet, carved out the 4 or 5 Lb main muscle of her fabulous centerpiece ham, right in front of the serving line. Wrapped it in tinfoil and proceeded to beg me to take it home in trade for a slab of ribs. I gave her 2, the woman was shameless.

    Just a hint, for Wednesday.

    Maybe you could buy a couple of extra slabs, advertise discretely. Hey, one never knows…….

  2. imagineannie

    Robert, its good to be back. As for the “captive diners,” you are correct that they would live entirely on Poppycock (and possibly ice cream) for the rest of their lives, but I can’t, and as long as I’m doing the cooking, they can’t do it either. I like the rib trade idea. i have just discovered that the transmission is blown on my van – maybe the guy at the auto repair joint likes ribs…..


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