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This is a local story about love, bullying, pride, and what happens when a courageous child comes up against a school district that behaves no better than its worst bullies. Please read, re-blog if you like, and take a minute to leave a comment of support for Lilly. She needs to know that there’s a universe of people who care about her, even if her principal and her school do not.

Tashmica Torok

When I enter a conversation about bullying and I am asked if I think children should be left alone to work through it themselves, I always say the same thing.

If children were meant to fend for themselves, we would leave them on the beach like sea turtles.

Our natures, our instincts tell us something different.  As mothers, we relate more to the  lioness.  We are more like bears than salmon.  We defend.  We teach.  We support.  We nurture.  That is our existence as parents.  That is our role, our pleasure and our great responsibility.

We try not to shelter.  We try to walk the fine line between the hover and the safe distance.

My niece Lilly, has been the victim of bullying.  A few of the students at Holt High School’s 9th grade campus think that my niece walks funny.  When she ambles by, they tell her so. …

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  1. Thank you for sharing Lilly’s story. We are so happy to see her story get the attention it deserves. Love, Tashmica


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